Wearable Technology, The Next Smartphone

Wearable technology has gained traction over the past several years from smart watches to google glass, but very recently this technology has been making headlines with the introduction of Apple’s iWatch. Apple has it right, wearables are the next big thing. Wearables have the ability to collect real-time bio-physical and spatial data and can revolutionizing the way we can stay connected.

Wearables introduce an environment to us that expands past the constraints of our mobile phones. An innovation that gathers extensive amounts of digital information all with a hands free experience.

Information is the key to why this evolution is so important and will continue to be integrated into our lives. Wearables are made to capture data and provide this data meaningfully to the user. Wearables efficient and successful use cloud technology to store and deliver this data as and when needed, such as when your heart rate goes to high on a run

This technology is impacting how effectively and efficiently we dispense medical care. Doctors can monitor patients vitals without the patient being in the room, glucose can be monitored through contact lenses, warning signs of heart attacks can generate alerts, and so much more. Beyond the medical field, dangerous environments can be measured in high risk jobs such as mining. The possibilities are endless when you can capture the kind of data wearables can provide.


How to get the best out of wearable technology?

Get comfortable! Wearables have created an expert user experience based technology solution that creates gathering information a one second process. Rather than being just an item to carry with you, let wearables become an extension of your daily activities giving you a more informational and comfortable everyday experience.

How can wearable technology help your business?

Consider the possibilities. How could wearables impact efficiency, worker safety or productivity? Can you bring to market a creative service for users of wearable watches?

The evolution has begun, will you be ahead or behind?

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