February 2015

Why Manufacturers Need Custom Applications

Mechatronics is more than just a portmanteau of “mechanics” and “electronics.” Mechatronics, integrating mechanics, electronics, control theory, and computer science, has changed the face of modern manufacturing.

Manufacturing today involves multiple processes and high-tech engineering. Mechatronics has improved and optimized functionality on many levels. It has allowed manufacturers to reduce manpower requirements in favor of technological advances.

What it hasn’t been able to do, however, is answer the “old-fashioned” questions.

Where are things stored? How are we tracking output? How are inefficiencies identified? Is billing done according to actual output and not estimations? Is there waste that can be repurposed? How are estimates done?

Manufacturers today need solutions that they never needed before. Can your company answer these questions easily? S&A Technologies has been answering them for our clients for years, via custom applications such as inventory systems, custom ERP systems, and management decision applications.