August 2015

5 reasons you need a project manager right now.


project manager

Is this you? It doesn’t have to be.

You’ve just had the next greatest idea. You have a great team, but you’re finding it difficult to keep your project on schedule when you have a million other things to do. You think you are on budget, but haven’t had the time to really do the numbers. You’d love to investigate whether or not you’re doing things in the most efficient way, but you have 50 phone calls to return and twice as many emails. Your marketer just spent three quarters of your budget, and now your developer can’t give a proper estimate on when the first deliverable will be ready. And you have a business to run.  Sounds like someone needs a project manager right quick!

Before starting your next project, ask yourself if you are really equipped to do the following:


  1. Schedule creation: You’ve agreed to deliver goods by a certain date. Who will manage how long the steps in between will take?
  1. Risk Assessment: It’s the project manager’s job to avoid unnecessary risk for your business.
  1. Streamlining: Don’t waste time doing unnecessary steps. The project manager will evaluate your process and guide you down the most efficient path.
  1. Cost control: No one wants to overspend. PMs use industry-standard methodologies and procedures to help you stay on budget.
  1. Quality assurance: A good project manager will develop milestones along the duration of your project that will ensure you are providing the highest-quality product, resulting in happy customers and repeat business.


Don’t go it alone. S&A Technologies offers affordable project management services to bring your project to completion on budget and on schedule. You focus on your deliverable. Let S&A Technologies focus on how you get there.  Call or email for a free consultation.