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Web Application

Everyday we help our clients build web applications that solve their particular business problem. We analyze your business to come up with the perfect solution for you. Our team of talented engineers have experience building all types of software solutions from analytic engines to inventory control and everything in between.

Mobile Applications

We live in an App-centric world where there are more mobile devices in the US than there are people. Let S&A help make your business mobile with an App that impacts your users from the first release. We can create native applications that are simple and comprehensive for your company’s on-the-go needs in Android and iOS systems. Our strategy, design & development is the best in the business.


Our well designed courses will impart information clearly and effectively, with content being interactive enough to keep students engaged while actually having an impact. Our practical approach emphasizes an intuitive user experience that is easy to use. Whatever your needs might be, we’ll design a solution that engages learners, putting information right at their fingertips.


Do you need better data on your business? S&A technologies can create business intelligence systems and enhanced reporting capabilities, even when your IT department can’t. Whether it is an inventory system or a document management system our reporting capabilities will give you the information necessary to make your business better. We can help erase costly hours from your day by building you tools that makes tracking inventory levels, orders, sales & deliveries a breeze!

Database Design

The database design is crucial for the success of all projects. S&A has the industry experience to create database designs as the solid foundation for the entire software solution. Our database designs are structured and consistent which means our applications can be as simple as possible or as complex as necessary.

User Experience Design

Design, functionality, and ease of use is the key to any successful software project. Whoever your audience is, we create designs that are intuitive and engaging for anyone. We help your users overcome resistance, by focusing on ease of use & showing the power of information right at their fingertips. This allows people to do their jobs more efficiently.

Service Rescue Operation

No one is perfect. We know projects can go off course and stall out. S&A has the expertise to drop in and revive your software development projects. Our engineers are capable of rescuing even the most complex of system problems or inefficiencies. Salvaging what is usable and building what is needed, we will get your project back on track.

Hosting & Maintenance

We take on the headache of hosting so you don’t have to. We can also enable a smooth system hand off to your internal IT group. We make sure systems are running as efficiently as possible, with performance monitoring. We can do the heavy lifting for you.

Want an application that doesn't fit into any traditional category?
Our customized software can take any business problem you have, solve it, and leave you with a better, more efficient business than you had before. Get in touch with us!

Custom Products

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