Technology: Android, iOS, Java, C
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The owner had the idea to provide automated communication between elderly people in need and their relatives and support. A small staff of 3 people developed the initial product and started to successfully sell it in nursing homes. It turns out that the application and server needed expansion and more robust technologies.


S&A Technologies was asked to bring the whole components to a more robust and scalable platform and support it for the foreseeable future.


S&A was confronted with a set of challenges that needed to be overcome.

  • The existing functionality administrative and logging features.
  • Converting to new technologies would break the existing application. All design and development had to be financed through current sales.


The first action was to understand the business model of the customer. From the business goal a series of tasks was grouped into:

  • Short Term: Expand functionality and support the running application
  • Medium Term: Left all components to a more robust and supportable platform
  • Long Term: Propose the right technologies and development steps to have a successful business in the future


Results: The application is running. Expansions and new features are being addressed. The company can focus now on sales and marketing.